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Mecharon Survival!

2011-01-31 14:30:43 by Stuga

Check out the weekly game Mecharon! The last mecharon is out to survive. ou must fight off all the waves of enemy warriors. You only have the help of one automatic cannon. You determine if you survive or die.

Mecharon Survival!

The Guardian 2

2011-01-25 13:18:01 by Stuga

A foul demon has overtaken the island of Reverie and enslaved its villagers in a treacherous nightmare prison. When all hope seems lost a unsuspecting hero is called from his home and must travel vast oceans and collect the legendary Lantern Of Nightmare fragments to save them. A Zelda Inspired RPG Series containing over 13 islands, 4 dungeons, 4 bosses and a vast world to keep players entertained for hours on end.

Play "The Guardian 2" now!

The Guardian 2

Shut up and drive!

2011-01-22 15:58:17 by Stuga

Drive as fast as you can and beat your rivals in this unique Outrun like 3d racing game! Finish the race before your time runs out in 10 different tracks! Gain extra points by overtaking other cars from a close distance or keeping a hi-speed for a long time!

Play Shut up and drive now!

Shut up and drive!

2010-02-02 15:27:06 by Stuga is back!

With a new Layout and a new movie! Check it out!




2008-03-17 17:59:47 by Stuga

Finally! I´ve finished my latets movie called " DooMed " . Don´t expect too much! It was just an experiment. I hope you like it.

Watch it

Also I´m working on a new movie. Update will follow soon!

New Domain!

2008-03-09 09:25:25 by Stuga
Updated is now . You will also get linked here with the .de domain. But the .com domain is now the official domain.

Also I add a new feature to the showcase-moviepage which makes easier to brows through the movies and games. Check it out and don´t forget I´m working also on the new movie.

Penguin Invasion

2008-02-26 14:56:12 by Stuga

Yeah, the movie is taking longer then I thought. But I got myself to update the Artwork section with seeeeeewt penguins.
So check out the Penguin Invasion gallery !

New Layout

2008-02-03 12:42:09 by Stuga

Finally after a long break I´m back !

I have designed a new Layout and I hope you like it! So please if you find any bugs let me know it and write me an email or a message.

Thanks !

Upload your Work

2007-08-29 18:42:04 by Stuga

The Uploadpage is here!

Get showcased on Panic-Escape for free. You will get full credit!
The onliest thing you have to do is to fill out a form and upload your movie/game/etc.

The layout isn´t at the moment the best. I will change that soon.

get showcased NOW!

greets StuGa


2007-08-01 19:12:31 by Stuga

Finally the Panic-Escape forum is online!

Register and be cool or don´t register and be gay...

Go to the Forum
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greets StuGa